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Never Worry About Your Bookkeeping Again

21st-Century Bookkeeping for Equine Professionals Only

How It Works

So, HOW do we help you to never worry about bookkeeping again? It's done through our proprietary 3-step system:

Step 1:


First, we work with you to clarify your goals. Next, we do a deep dive analysis of where you are now with your practice finances. Only when this is complete and there is complete clarity for you and for us do we move onto...

Step 2:


Next, we get busy creating custom bookkeeping to fulfill your goals. This includes creating financial reporting that is: a) equine specific b) simple to understand and c) helps us all to see how we can....

Step 3:


Bookkeeping is historical. Optimization means that we study the past to affect positive change on future finances. This is us helping you to meet and exceed your income goals. This requires ever-changing plans for you to thrive.

Why Me?

Hi, I'm Kristina and I love serving equine-centered businesses. You guys are a classy bunch.

I grew up riding before I could walk so I know how much time and effort you spend focused on horses and even catering to their owners. You owe it to yourself to hand over the books to me and spend more time doing what you love.

If you're looking for an old-school bookkeeper, I'm not for you. I perform all bookkeeping tasks 100% virtually in order to save you time and money.

In order to book a FREE CONSULTATION, please watch this short video to determine which of our services are right for you!

Turn your bookkeeping nightmare into a dream

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